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I am getting the message “File missing: docs/suspend.htm” when I trying to use library databases. What does it mean?

1360 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Access Blackboard Database

The docs/suspend error message is displayed when a user downloads excessive amounts of material in a short space of time from our electronic databases or journals. Our EZProxy service,  which is used to authenticate our e-resources, has in-built restrictions to prevent the systematic harvesting of content. Please note, that this error can also be hit during normal downloading of content, so it doe... read more

Does the library have online Praxis books and practice tests?

1270 views   |   Last updated on Jul 21, 2016   

Yes! Go to PrepSTEP from our Database page or click/copy & paste the following URL: https://library.vcsu.edu:2443/login?url=http://www.learningexpresshub.com/productengine/LELIndex.html#/learningexpresslibrary/libraryhome?AuthToken=E3396804-E69F-4921-BC00-425D42A4FD59 Select Career Center  Choose Prepare for an Occupation Exam under Resources tab Scroll down and select Teaching from the left pane... read more

Why isn't Films On Demand (FOD) Working?

1180 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Access Database

Films On Demand (FOD) can be tricky! Often users will find FOD gives them trouble when they are trying to access a specific video from a URL. Luckily, we have heard enough questions about this issue that we have created a Films On Demand Help Page (http://libguides.library.vcsu.edu/fod). Please give this page a try, and contact us if things still don't seem to be working.... read more

Are there any student jobs available at the library? Is the library hiring?

1159 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015   

All hiring questions should be directed Donna James, Library Director: Donna James, Library Director  Campus phone: 37275  Email: donna.james@vcsu.edu ... read more

How do I request an ILL?

1157 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Services

We have an entire page devoted to answering that question! Check out our Interlibrary Loan Information Page.... read more

What are the library's hours? (When does the library open and close?)

1123 views   |   Last updated on Jul 28, 2016    Services

The library's typical semester and summer hours are as follows: Semester Hours (these hours are subject to change): Monday-Thursday: 7:45am-9:00pm Friday: 7:45am-4:00pm Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed Summer Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm Saturday & Sunday: Closed Please note that up-to-date library hours and room reservations are published and maintained online at: http://library.vcsu.edu/vp.h... read more

Where can I go to get help citing sources (how do I cite in MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)?

1110 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Citations

The library maintains a Citation Guide, but you may also want to check out Purdue Owl and the Hacker Research & Documentation Online. For more in-depth help with a tricky citation, please Contact Us. Our reference librarians are happy to give you a hand!... read more

Can I return books when the library is closed?

1076 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Policy

Yes you may! We offer a library dropbox, located at the north entrance to the library. We kindly request that you refrain from returning electronic equipment via the dropbox. All other items are fair game! ... read more

Where can I get help with myeFolio?

1058 views   |   Last updated on Jul 21, 2016   

We get this one a lot (that's why it's in the FAQ!). There is an entire collection of Help Documents for myeFolio online. These docs cover topics ranging from creating a new account to uploading huge files in OneDrive. The Learning Center, offers in-person tutor support for myeFolio. Drop by, or set up an appointment by doing one or more of the following: Stop in the Learning Center in Vangstad E... read more

Can I fax something in the library?

1038 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Services

Yes—The photocopier in the Library's Reading Room has built-in fax options. Faxes are $1.00 per sent transmission, but receiving faxes at the Library is free. Received faxes will be placed on the Hold Shelf for five days after which time they will be shredded. If you are expecting a fax, ask at the Information Desk. The Library's fax number is 701-845-7284.... read more

Where can I find the Tech Tuesday Using Library Resources in Blackboard Guide?

989 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015   

You may find the "Using Library Resources in Blackboard" Guide at the following URL: http://libguides.library.vcsu.edu/bb. This guide was presented to VCSU Faculty during a Tech Tuesday on 7 April 2015.... read more

Where can I check out iPads, e-Readers, and other devices?

983 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Services

The library offers four iPad minis, two Android tablets, a Kindle, Nook, and several devices for checkout. These devices are pre-loaded with apps and other content. Typically, items are available for one-week checkout, with an option to renew for a second week. For more information, please ask at the circulation desk, or contact the library!... read more

Where can I learn more about the catalog (Primo)?

975 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Catalog

Primo has some built-in help features, including an elaborate "Search Tips" page. The library also offers a number of helpful Primo tutorial videos on YouTube. While these may be a bit dated, the information you can find on these videos will still offer useful information!... read more

Reserves: Do you have my professor’s book?

967 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Services

We may! Take a look at our Course Reserves page. Use the search feature there to search by your instructor's name, the title or author of the book, or by course number.... read more

How do I get wireless access?

950 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Services

If you are a student at VCSU, you should already have access through your laptop. If you are experiencing problems, contact VCSU's Technology Services Office (701-845-7340). If you are a guest, please ask at the Circulation Desk for a Guest Wireless Access sheet. This will contain username and password credentials that will grant you access to the VCSU Guest Wireless network. ... read more

What are the directions to and phone number for the Valley City Public Library?

944 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015   

The Valley City Barnes County Public Library is located at 410 Central Avenue North, Valley City, ND 58072. Its phone number is 701-845-3821. ... read more

Can I scan something to my email? Is there a scanner in the library?

927 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Services

Yes! The photocopier in the Reading Room offers the option of scanning documents to email, and comes equipped with a 11.7" x 17" scan bed and a letter-sized top-loading scanner. The following are more detailed PDF instructions for the use of each option: Flatbed Top-Loader ... read more

How do I print in color? How much does this cost?

922 views   |   Last updated on Nov 02, 2018    Services

Great question! By configuring the library's color printer to you computer, you can print directly to our color printer located by the Information and Reference Desks.  For more information on configuring your laptop click here!  ... read more

How do I suggest a book for the library to buy?

910 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Services

Simply fill out our online form (http://library.vcsu.edu/vp.htm?p=1917). Keep 'em coming—We love suggestions!... read more

Does the library offer proctoring services?/Can I get someone to proctor my test?

907 views   |   Last updated on Nov 20, 2015    Services

Yes—We do offer some proctoring services. Please visit our Test Prep and Tutoring Services page for more information.... read more

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