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Why am I seeing a 404 Error (page not found) page?

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This error may appear for any number of reasons on your browser—it could appear due to bad link, a link directed to the wrong location, or a service outage on a vendor's site. You may wish to consult http://pcsupport.about.com/od/findbyerrormessage/a/404error.htm for details on how they may appear.


  1. Refresh the page (this often solves the problem)
  2. Check the actual URL to ensure that there is not a problem with the link
  3. Clean your browser's cache and cookies (refer to the University of Indiana's help page for more information about this process)
  4. Check other databases or resources. If all of our databases and/or pages are not working correctly, you may not be connected to the Internet correctly, or our servers could be down.
  5. Check the site from different browser and computer. If you still get the error, contact the vendor technical support directly. The publisher of the content may have moved the page without informing us, or their server may be temporarily disabled. Be sure to submit screenshots and/or exact message for the error.
  6. As always, feel free to contact the Library about this problem. We would be happy to help.